The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am pretty sure you remember the opening shot of « The Big Blue » or « Leon »… This is what we call the « Luc Besson » shot… And that’s why aerial pictures bring immediately another dimension to a film.


Thanks to many years dedicated in aerial sports, I developed skills for having the good frame in 4D : the 3 dimensions of space and the 4th dimension of time. Aerial shots are not still pictures. You need to play with the relief coming in, coming out, spinning around your subject, etc… And regarding the kind of shot you need, I will choose the good toy :


Imagine a jib without limits… Theses small flyings bugs are perfect for motion shots where the space is too tricky to fly with something else. You can start with a close up of your subject and end at 150m above it.


No noise, just the sound of the air. Don’t be surprised to see me taking off in tandem but flying backward under the pilot! This is the only way to have a close up shot of the action ! And it’s quite funny actually… but only with pilots I trust.


The little heli. But that you can fit inside your luggage…


The perfect tool. Go up / Go down / move fast / don’t move… Sky is a playground. And if you add a cineflex on it, you definitely have the ultimate machine for aerial shooting.

You don’t have to just jump into an heli and press « rec ». An aerial shot is a team work between the pilot and the camera operator. That’s why I like to work with the same team around me.


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