Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited in three film festivals : Grenoble and Gap in France, and Kendal in UK.

I have to say I really like to come and talk about my movies. Like we said : #itsAllAboutSharing.

Shams a GrenobleShams et Théo de Blic à GrenobleSo, the first one was Grenoble. it’s a big festival in France, with around 3500 people in the audience and a super big screen. the good thing is : it’s free! I did a short interview for local TV with Théo de Blic, and we spoke together on the stage for Sounds Of Paragliding. The next day, I was still there to comment Chasing Summits.

Few days after that, I was in Gap, only for Chasing Summits. It’s a smaller festival, but super nice.

And my tour ended in UK for the Kendal Mountain Film Festival. And woooo… that was EXCELLENT ! great spirit, amazing festival, cool people…Shams à Gap

I started the trip with my first talk (and it was in english !) about « beeing a filmmaker » That was really interesting to explain how I became director and what I think is important to make a good movie. And it was also for me the opportunity to talk about the danger when you film action sports…

Shams talk during KMF about being a filmmaker   Tom de Dorlodot at Kendal

My mate Tom de Dorlodot was there also and he came back on all his amazing trips around the world.

We spent 3 really nice days there, watching some movies, doing some interview for Channel 4, and meeting a lot of people. And the good surprise was « Sounds of paragliding » receive the best sound prize from the jury ! how cool is that?!

    Shams in Interview for Channel 4    Shams with the jury of Kendal    Best sound prize at Kendal Mountain Film festival for Sounds of paragliding    best sound prize


Coupe Icare 2012 – Les résultats!


Paragliding Circus s’est vu recevoir l’icare de l’originalité !!! On est vraiment content avec Gill car on a voulu se faire plaisir avant tout, sans chercher à plaire ou à refaire un truc qui a déjà été fait…. Belle récompense! Si vous ne l’avez pas encore vu c’est à voir!

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Coupe Icare 2012

On y sera!!

Ride the desert, Paragliding Circus et Light line viennent officiellement d’être sélectionnés pour les projections publiques! Sans espérer un prix, c’est déjà une très belle reconnaissance.