Peyrepertuse - Skydivers vs Paragliders

Here is the video we did last weekend with the Soul Flyers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen, and the paragliding pilots Horacio Llorens Theo de Blic Rafael Goberna at Château de Peyrepertuse !
Huge thanks to Laurie Franco X Sport Agency for this project.

And of course thanks to all the team :
- Satori Factory Alex Aimard : skydive coordinator and cinematographer
- Simon Cramar : cinematographer / timelapse master
- Thibaut Darscotte : sound design / mix audio
- Vincent Cotte : skydive video
- Gill Schneider : tandem pilot and additional footage
and Brice Pages Phillipe Amat Sébastien Pla Alexine Ibot Arno Tournié Elina Sirparanta Vigi Rodier
And special thanks to Kelly Martin :)

Ready to fly...
Posted by Adventure on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trick of the week - Season 2

Horacio Llorens is back for a "Trick of the week" series, this time in synchro with Tim Alongi.



The new with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is released.

We had a great time to shoot with my friend JB Merendet in Chamonix, Santorini and Galibier pass.

EkstremsportVeko Stunt

I was lost in the forest, but that was fun !
Shooted and edited in one day at Ekstremsportveko

Shooting in Col du Galibier !

New spot of Jean-Baptiste Chandelier project : Col du galibier, famous for cycling, in the french Alps!