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Bjørn Magne Bryn

Espen Fadnes
David Reader
Chris Stewart
Francois Ragolski
Martin Schricke
Cornelia Mihai
Billy Sharman
David Junior Ludvik
Patrick Kaye
Jan-Tore Solberg
Morten Knapstad
Martin Kristensen
Lika Borzova

Best of TEAM ONECALL at Ekstremsportveko 2015

Brought to you by:Shams & Satori FactoryWatch it on Youtube: MANAGER:Bjørn Magne BrynPERFORMERS:Espen FadnesDavid ReaderChris StewartFrancois RagolskiMartin SchrickeCornelia MihaiBilly SharmanDavid Junior LudvikPatrick KayeJan-Tore SolbergMorten KnapstadMartin KristensenLika BorzovaFOLLOW SATORI FACTORY:FACE BOOK // // // licenced at unippm.frTime bomb – UTS823–Martin SchrickeFrançois RagolskiOne Call XTreme Video Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports PolarPro Skydive Voss VossVind Voss Ventus Skydive Dubai

Posted by Satori Factory on Sunday, June 28, 2015

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